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Color Awareness - Put the Psychology of Color to Work For You!

Studies show that a color impression is made within the first 90 seconds and is a deciding factor in whether the person accepts or rejects the message. Color can cheer you up, calm you down, make you sick, tire you out or increase your productivity. Following are some general guidelines in using color effectively:

YELLOW - Yellow is lively and happy, but because it is so cheerful, we tend to tire of it quickly. Splashes of yellow are best for attention-getting projects on a smaller scale, such as Business Reply Cards.

PEACH - Peach has very positive associations as a nurturing and approachable color.

EARTH - Earth tones are comfortable and practical colors. Cream, ivory and tan are excellent for business printing.

RED - Red is passionate. It attracts our attention and actually stimulates and excites us and speeds up the body's metabolism. In an American Roper Organization survey red was the respondents' second favorite color.

BLUE - Blue is the opposite of red. It is restful and sedate and can help lower blood pressure and pulse rates. In the Roper survey it was named as the favorite color.

GRAY - Gray tends to move people or products up the socioeconomic ladder. It's a sound choice for a business letterhead or resumes.

GREEN - Green varies according to the shade, but a medium green is soothing and calm. As the color of trees and gress, it has an environmental connection. It is also the most restful color because it's light rays fall most directly on the retina.

ORANGE - Orange draws attention and has a youthful appeal.

Keep in mind the best combination of colored ink and colored stock. Always remember that the color of the paper will alter the color of the ink. When putting together your printing project visit with any of our Customer Service staff, they will be more than happy to explain to you the printing details and make recommendations if needed.

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