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Backlit Displays in Arlington, TX

Outdoor Backlit Sign Poster

Useful for during the day and nighttime displays alike, backlit displays are banners or signs that are lit from behind, meaning that they are as visible in the evening hours as they are during the day. The backlit display setup lights up the colors, giving the display more contrast and depth. Whether it's the dark of night or middle of the day, a backlit display can seize the focus of every potential customer who sees it. Trust Alphagraphics in Arlington, Grand Prairie and Mansfield to manage every aspect of your backlit displays.

A backlit display can be a dramatic and attention grabbing way of getting the attention of potential customers. Popular as business signage, backlit displays can be used in restaurants, train stations, bus stops, subways, airports, retail outlets, window displays, trade show booths, hotels, and dozens more. The high gloss, clear acrylic finish on the front of the plastic gives the display an ultra-polished stylish look, while protecting it from physical and weather damage. No matter what product, service, or company the backlit display is promoting, the backlit display will make your design come alive!

Put Backlit Displays to work for your business

Backlit displays offer many benefits over traditional signage:

  • Round the clock visibility, including peak daylight hours
  • Available in both clear and matte materials, giving the final product that perfect look
  • Can be produced in a vast variety of styles and sizes (including light boxes, acrylic frames, neon, and borderless displays)
  • Removable and portable (depending on fixture)
  • Useful both indoors and outdoors

Backlit displays can be used to create an array of fantastic displays for your company logo or product image - in lobbies, on buildings, retail outlets, museums, trade shows, airports, restaurants, and many more.

Work with the pros!

Looking to get a backlit display made, but don't know where to start? No problem. Let the Swifty Solutions Arlington team take care of it for you. The design professionals at Alphagraphics can design the project from the ground up to fit your budget and display needs, no matter what specifications you need.

Don't hesitate! Contact Alphagraphics today for a quote.

Backlit Window Graphics

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